Let’s Choose Friendly Environment Car

Car is really needed by every people for mobilization that’s why many people decided to buy car to make them mobilize easily. However, the fact that many people buy car is not really good for the environment especially about the emission which created by the car that can polluted the air. There are many car factories aware of the emission impact to the environment that’s why they create friendly environment car which produce emission lower than ordinary car. This kind of car becomes people’s favorite choice nowadays. 

Friendly environment car is the perfect choice since it uses technology which makes it has lower emission but still has good performance. There are two examples of this kind of car:

  1. Hybrid car

This car is made with ultra light material but really solid like composite material. The power source of this car comes from combination between fuel and electricity. The electricity comes from engine rotation with rechargeable energy storage system technology which shortened to be RESS. The technology makes the car has low emission and low fuel consumption.

  1. Hyper car

This car constructed with light feature and has aerodynamic design which makes the car looks attractive. Moreover, this car use hybrid technology and completed with minimum accessories. This car also has good performance with low gas emission and low fuel consumption which makes the car really worth to buy.

That’s the example of friendly environment car which people can choose when they want to get car which is no polluted the environment or at least produce low emission. The car is surely friendly to the environment and will make the air feel clean than any other car which doesn’t need the technology. So, it is really recommended to buy this kind of car especially for people who live in the city if they care enough about their environment.

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