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Let’s Choose Friendly Environment Car

Car is really needed by every people for mobilization that’s why many people decided to buy car to make them mobilize easily. However, the fact that many people buy car is not really good for the environment especially about the emission which created by the car that can polluted the air. There are many car factories aware of the emission impact to the environment that’s why they create friendly environment car which produce emission lower than ordinary car. This kind of car becomes people’s favorite choice nowadays.  Continue reading 

Save Earth with Solar Panel

Energy source become something which is really important to consider when people want to make their live run well. However, the energy source which people use like fossil fuel is not good for the environment since it will make the environment become polluted. Moreover, the source which can be used to make fuel that come from fossil is now really limited and become easily runs out. That’s why people start to look for the alternative energy source which friendly to the environment and also pretty easy to get. The answer come with solar energy, the energy is friendly to environment, powerful, and easy to get since it comes from sun. People who want to make use of sun or solar energy need solar panel to store the solar energy and make it to be heather or electricity. Continue reading